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ELM Inc. (Environmental Liability Management), is a private Canadian company that offers “single source” environmental liability management service in the areas of abandonment, decommissioning, reclamation, remediation, water and waste solutions. ELM is an industry leading service company, backed by a highly technical team with seasoned leadership, safely delivering tailored solutions to our clients.

ELM is driven to be one of the best in the world at what we do and we want to be one of the best for the world in what we do.

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Decommissioning at the Port of Churchill

ELM Inc. is proud of successfully completing its part in the first phase of the decommissioning of pipelines at the Port of Churchill and Churchill Marine Tank Farm. Prior to its closure, the marine terminal had operated for over 50 years. Arctic Gateway Group purchased the railway, port and marine tank farm in Churchill this past September and is looking to revitalize both the port and the town of Churchill. The consortium includes Manitoba communities, First Nations, Toronto-based Fairfax Financial Holdings and Saskatchewan-based grains company, AGT Food and Ingredients.

In mid-November, after careful planning due to the difficult logistics of getting personnel and equipment into this isolated community, ELM mobilized to Churchill and began work to recover diesel, gasoline and jet fuel that had been sitting for a number of years in the pipelines that carried product between the tank farm and the wharf, as well as recovering products from the above and below ground pipelines within the tank farm itself. Over 15 days, the pipelines were successfully pigged, resulting in the recovery of 96,000 litres of fuel. This represents the mitigation of a significant environmental risk related to the port and its facilities and one more step in the Port’s plans for renewal. ELM looks forward to it’s continued participation in the next phase of the project, in summer 2019, which will involve further decommissioning of the site.

Churchill Marine Tank Farm

Launching pig in 10 inch gasoline line from transition.

Churchill Marine Tank Farm

Pigging the 10 inch gasoline line.

Reclamation of Burtch Corrections Facility

The Burtch Corrections Facility, ON, involved the removal of a pond. The entire 2500+ metres of creek sediment was excavated and clean substrates were added to the creek.

Prior to reclamation

View of storm water pond and dam creek prior to dredging.


View of dredging of the creek.


View of the dredged to tree.

Reclamation & soil excavation

This excavation was also designed to protect the roots of mature trees.

soil stock piles at Burtch

This soil was stockpiled sampled to confirm the chemistry was acceptable for re-use on-site.

Focal excavation along a former pipe

The Soil around the pipe was removed, the floor and walls of the excavation were sampled, confirming contaminated soil had been successfully removed.

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